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Landscape Artist

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Painting Trips

Chuck painted with the Outdoor Painter Society at the Grand Canyon.  Here he is really sitting down on the job!


This spring we were visiting in North Carolina where Chuck was painting with Scott Burdick.  Scott took these photos of Chuck at work.

chuck_nc.jpg (265747 bytes)  chuck_north_carolina.jpg (312497 bytes)

Chuck has had a number of great outdoor painting experiences.  

  • During the months of January and February he painted in Texas where it was a little warmer.  

  • Then in March he was drawn to Arizona.

  • The spring flowers in the Texas Hill Country was like a magnet pulling him back to Texas in April.  

  • In May he was painting the beauty of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole area. 

  • June he was painting in Oklahoma as well as attending the Prix de West Art Show.

  • July he painted in Texas and traveled to the Arbuckle Mountains to paint with the other members of the Outdoor Painters Society.  Then it was on to Jackson where he and three friends went on a pack trip into the southern portion of the Wind River Mountains.  Painting and hiking all day and sleeping outdoors.

  • August he again ventured into the Wind River Mountains, this time a pack trip in the  northern section with nine friends.  Again painting all day and having fireside chats about art in the evenings.  After returning from the pack trip, off he goes to Big Fork, MT to paint with the wonderful artists of the Northwest Rendezvous Group.

  • September he returned to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons to paint the wonderful fall colors and attend the Fall Arts Festival.

  • October found him on a RV Piggyback train trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico and then following the coast line of the Sea of Cortez


Springtime in the Hill Country of Texas brings everyone out to paint.  Here Chuck is painting with Matt Smith.  

Sometimes you just have to put out a little more effort to get just the right painting.  Here Chuck climbs up the hill to get a painting for  the Charitable Arts Paint-out  in Tucson, AZ.  This photo was taken by our dear friend Nancy Bush who is a well known landscape artist.  Visit her website at

Here Nancy caught Chuck sitting down on the job.  

Chuck had been taking photos of the beautiful spring flowers around Tucson when he had to stop to reload his camera.   You are never to old to have your photo taken in a field of lovely flowers.  The photo was taken by our good friend Suzanne Owens who is a lovely person and  also very good artist.

             chuckrawle.jpg (120389 bytes)           chuck.jpg (102743 bytes)

Here Chuck is in Jackson, WY.  Chuck spent over many weeks painting the landscape in the Jackson Hole area.

~LWF1000.jpg (256087 bytes)

Here Chuck is painting the "Haystack" rock  at Pacific City, Oregon.

~LWF0002.jpg (317529 bytes)

Chuck painting the Lewis River in Yellowstone.

~LWF0003.jpg (385787 bytes)

This photo was taken by artist, Jim Rozek while he and Chuck were painting just outside of Denton, Texas.



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Chuck Rawle